Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Legend of Tangkuban Perahu

In West Java, Bandung regency precisely in recreation, there is a very beautiful spot is Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Perahu means an overturned boat. Named because its shape it resembles an overturned boat. It is said that according to folklore Parahyangan mountain is indeed an overturned boat. Here is his story.

It is told that King decoration Perbangkara go hunting. In the middle of the forest the King throwing urine collected in caring leaves (taro jungle). A female pig named Wayungyang the middle of an ascetic to be human were to drink urine. Wayungyang pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby. Beautiful baby was taken to the palace by his father and named Dayang Sumbi or Rarasati.

Dayang Sumbi very beautiful and intelligent, many of the kings who ask for her hand, but nobody was in the receipt. Finally the king of warring among themselves. Dayang Sumbi troubled hearts to see the chaos that comes from him. At his own request Dayang Sumbi exile in the hill accompanied by a male dog that is Si Tumang. As I was engrossed in weaving, toropong (piston) which was used to weave cloth fell to the bottom. Dayang Sumbi for being lazy, escaped without a second thought before speech, he promised that anyone who fell when fetching piston-sex male, would become her husband. Tumang the piston and get given to Dayang Sumbi.

Si Dayang Tumang Sumbi even married and blessed with a baby boy named Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang magic powers like his father. In this period of growth, Sangkuring always accompanied by Si Tumang play that he knew only as a faithful dog, not as a father. Sangkuriang grown into a handsome young man, burly and powerful.

On one day in the woods hunting Sangkuriang sent Si Tumang to pursue a female pig named Wayungyang. Because the Tumang not think, Sangkuriang angry and kill Si Tumang. The meat is given to Sangkuriang Tumang by Dayang Sumbi, then cooked and eaten. After Dayang Sumbi know that that is eaten Si Tumang, his anger was heightened immediately hit with a Senduk Sangkuriang heads made from coconut shell and the drive so that the wound was Sangkuriang.

Sangkuriang go wandering around the world. After a long walk to the east in the west eventually came back and unknowingly had arrived back at the Dayang Sumbi, where her mother was. Sangkuriang not recognize that the discovery of the beautiful princess who is Dayang Sumbi - his mother, and vice versa. Tempers love story between two beings that. Dayang accidentally Sangkuriang Sumbi know that is his son, with a head wound.

Dayang Sumbi even try to explain the misunderstanding between them. However, still forced to marry her Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi requested that Sangkuriang make boats and lake (lake) in one night with the Citarum river dam. Sangkuriang menyanggupinya.
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Then the boat made from a tree That grows in an Easterly direction, stump / principal tree turned into a mountain ukit Levee. Stacked cuttings in the west and the Mount Burangrang form. With the help of guriang, the dam was completed the Almost. But Dayang Sumbi Beg to Sang Hyang Tunggal Sangkuriang intention not to materialize. Dayang Sumbi boeh rarang spread slices (white cloth weaving results), Pls it was Also the dawn broke on the eastern horizon. Became Sangkuriang upset, at the peak of anger, the dam is located at the breakdown Sanghyang Tikoro, plugs tossed Citarum river basin to the east and transformed into Mount Manglayang. Bandung Becomes retroactive back lake water. Working with Boats struggled kicked to the north, and changed into Tangkuban Perahu Mount.

Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang continue pursuing a sudden disappeared in Gunung Putri and turned into a flower jaksi. The Sangkuriang after arriving at a place Called Edge berung Finally disappearing into Faerie (ngahiyang).

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